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Philosophy and Religious Studies Majors + Minors

Seek truth and wisdom

While advancing the academic study of religion and philosophy, you will also be advancing your critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills. Whether evaluating a philosophical claim or interpreting an important religious text, philosophy and religious studies will continually challenge you to adjust and expand your perspective.

You will learn from a community of faculty dedicated to equipping you with the conceptual and analytic tools to understand the world, your place in it and how philosophy and religious studies remains relevant to modern issues facing humanity.

The true strength of studying philosophy is in helping all of us become disciplined and careful thinkers—the benefits of which apply to all of life’s various compartments.

Nathaniel Taylor, '15 philosophy graduate
Dr. McAleer and students in philosophy class


Develop skills of critical thinking and analytical reasoning with a degree or minor in philosophy. You will face such topics as the nature of reality, the foundations of knowledge and the justification of values. Ask and answer important questions.

Reason and argue

Being a religious studies major has really empowered me spiritually, and given me a sense of who I am. I think it is wonderful being able to see how religions can intertwine, and also how different they are. It is really beautiful to see how many religions exist in the world, and how it gives a sense of reason to life.

religious studies major, class of 2019
Bookshelf full of religious books

Religious Studies

With its long history and deep cultural reach, religion intersects virtually every aspect of civilization. In religious studies, you will explore the religious aspects of life in a wide range of cultural and historical settings.

Explore this phenomenon
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