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Theatre + Dance

Passion portrayed on stage

Presenting the wildly swinging pendulum of human experience is the passion of theatre arts and dance students. Each year four main stage plays, an active opera theatre ensemble, a one-act play festival, touring theatre and the Danceworks performance all showcase the broad emotions we experience in life. Practice the art of entertaining, inspiring and educating through these creative and collaborative degree programs.

Whether your art is dance, acting, directing or play-writing; design, costuming, set building, or sound and lights — there’s a place for you here. And if your desire is to teach others how to excel in theatre, we’ve got that path as well. You can work in our scenic and costume shops, get a job in publicity or as a master electrician.

Comprehensive Theatre Arts — Liberal Arts Major 

60 credits / no minor required

All theatre majors and minors complete a core curriculum that introduces them to the fundamentals of theatre practice and scholarship. This consists of courses in acting, directing, technical theatre, design, history, and literature. Beyond the core, students have the flexibility to focus their studies in an area of emphasis, or to study a breadth of courses in all areas. All theatre majors and minors must complete practicum experiences in our shops and productions. In addition, both comprehensive and liberal arts theatre majors complete elective courses in dance and music, as well as electives in related fields of study.

View the sample degree outline

Comprehensive Musical Theatre — Liberal Arts Major

View sample degree outline 

Theatre Arts — Liberal Arts Major 

38 credits

This liberal arts program offers focus on the arts of acting, directing, stagecraft, and theatre history. The program provides for a range of career offerings, including professional theatre and preparation for graduate study.

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Theatre Arts — Liberal Arts Minor

24 credits

I am surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do and it's so interesting to me that we are all working to express the human experience in many different artistic forms.

Barry Inman, Theatre

Dance — Liberal Arts Certificate

13 credits

The dance program cultivates agile and fluid bodies and minds in the movement arts. It is an open admissions program. All dance courses are open to the general population and all are encouraged to explore dance. The dance certificate includes studies in physical practice, theoretical inquiry, creative activity, and interdisciplinary studies in music, theatre, and kinesiology.

Students interested in dance have numerous performance and creative opportunities, and many are open to all students, regardless of certificate status. Dance certificate students are strongly encouraged to participate in the main-stage performance and choreography opportunities and in theatre and opera productions. These are vital components of studying dance and are the primary way to share dance with the greater community. Many of the creative opportunities are credit-generating and will fold into your track of studies. Dance certificate students may also decide to become involved in student/faculty collaborative research projects. The Eau Claire arts community offers a variety of avenues for dancers to teach, perform, and choreograph both on and off campus. This rich environment provides a safe and nurturing environment for emerging artists. 

See course requirements and offerings for dance certificate.

The department of music and theatre arts is the reason I call UWEC home. The staff genuinely cares about my success and the students have become lifelong friends. I cannot imagine who I would be without the talented and inspiring individuals who make up this facet of the university and encourage me to do what I love.

Dana Strothenke Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts and Dance Area Faculty 

  • Jennifer J. Chapman, Theatre Program Coordinator
  • Arthur Grothe, Theatre Artistic Director
  • Ariella Brown, dance
  • Erin Hisey, theatre design
  • Michelle Lindner, scene shop supervisor
  • Elizabeth Nielsen, costume shop supervisor
  • Amanda Profaizer, costume design
  • James Zwicky, technical director

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To change your major or minor to something in music and theatre arts, please contact the music and theatre arts department using the information below, and they will help you get going!

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