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Go ahead — go after that dream! The many degrees and certificates offered by the department lead to a variety of distinct career paths. Picking a major or minor in any one of these areas opens up a world of great facilities, studios, lessons, classroom learning, performances and camaraderie with others in your specialty. Plus, you'll be surrounded by a variety of the other arts as well, which means creative inspiration is never too far away.

Whether you prefer the theory and history of the arts, or your greatest desire is to teach others how to hone their artistic craft, these categories of study contain majors and minors that will guide you into your profession. Whatever path you take, you'll get a broad and comprehensive education that not only develops technical competence, but also an understanding of literature, style, and the role of arts in society.

Music Education

  • Choral and General Music Teaching (M)
  • Instrumental and General Music Teaching (M)

Music Performance

  • Applied Instrumental (M)
  • Applied Voice (M)

Music Studies

  • Composition (M)
  • Music - Liberal Arts (M,m)

Theatre and Dance

  • Theatre Arts - Liberal Arts (M)
  • Theatre Arts - Teaching (m)
  • Dance - Liberal Arts (c)
  • Theatre Arts - Teaching, Early Adolescence/Adolescence (m)
  • Theatre Arts - Teaching, Mid. Childhood/Early Adolescence (m)
  • Musical Theatre (M)

Planning to be a music major or minor?

You'll need to audition to be a part of the music program. Take a look at the program auditions page to learn the requirements and recommended preparation and repertoire.

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