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Recording Arts Certificate

Learn about sound + technology

The Recording Arts Certificate is an inter-disciplinary curriculum that addresses diverse interests in both sound and technology. The curriculum offers a foundation in musicianship, design, and recording technology, and opportunities for students to pursue specific interests in areas of composition, design, music history, physics of sound or business.

The 18-credit program includes required and elective courses, and at least one internship. A maximum of 3 credits from the certificate can count to the major. Applications are available through the Department of Music and Theatre Arts. Acceptance into the program may be limited due to available resources, internships, and needs of the program.

Required Courses (8 credits):
MUSI 309: Electronic Music
(Pre-req. MUSI 102 or MUSI 141)
2 credits
MUSI 317: Sound Technology Principles 3 credits
MUSI 498: Music Technology Internship 3 credits
Elective Courses (10 credits):

BSAD 125: Essentials of Marketing
(Credit cannot be earned if taken after MKTG 330)


BSAD 305: Legal and Regulatory Environment
(Pre-req. completion of 54 credits)


ACCT 201: Introduction to Accounting
(Eligible for MATH 104 or above)

2 credits

2 credits

3 credits
CJ 241: Audio and Video Production Process
(Pre-Req. Completion of University Writing Requirement)
3 credits
MATH 307: Mathematics and Music
(Pre-Req. MATH 114 (or equivalent) or consent of instructor)
3 credits
MATH 313: Digital Signal Processing
(Pre-Req. MATH 215 or consent of instructor)
3 credits
MUSI 102: Fundamentals of Music-Introduction to musical skills and notation 2 credits
MUSI 150: Beginning Composition
(Pre-Req. 141 and 142)
2 credits
MUSI 225: Global Traditions of Music 3 credits
MUSI 325: Orchestration
(Pre-req. MUSI 246)
2 credits
PHYS 308: Science of Musical Sound 3 credits
THEA 153 or 353 1 credits
THEA 221
(Pre-Req. THEA 121)
3 credits

Recording Arts course descriptions

Recording Arts Certificate

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