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Dance Certificate

Explore dance

The dance program cultivates agile and fluid bodies and minds in the movement arts. It is an open admissions program. All dance courses are open to the general population and all are encouraged to explore dance. The dance certificate includes studies in physical practice, theoretical inquiry, creative activity, and interdisciplinary studies in music, theatre, and kinesiology.

UW-Eau Claire students dancing on stage.

Students interested in dance have numerous performance and creative opportunities, and many are open to all students, regardless of certificate status. Dance certificate students are strongly encouraged to participate in the main-stage performance and choreography opportunities and in theatre and opera productions. These are vital components of studying dance and are the primary way to share dance with the greater community.

Many of the creative opportunities are credit-generating and will fold into your track of studies. Dance certificate students may also decide to become involved in student/faculty collaborative research projects. The Eau Claire arts community offers a variety of avenues for dancers to teach, perform, and choreograph both on and off campus. This rich environment provides a safe and nurturing environment for emerging artists.

The Dance Certificate Program is open to any student with a passion for dance and looking to gain knowledge of common forms of dance, including:

Required Courses (13 credits)
DNCE 101: Dance Appreciation 3 credits
Physical Practice courses selected from: 8 credits
DNCE 110: Ballet I
DNCE 112: Modern Dance I
DNCE 114: Jazz Dance I
DNCE 116: Tap Dance I
DNCE 310: Ballet II
DNCE 312: Modern Dance II
DNCE 314: Jazz Dance II
DNCE 316: Tap Dance II
2 credits
2 credits
2 credits
2 credits
2 credits
2 credits
2 credits
1 credit
One course elective selected from: 2 credits
KINS 294: Anatomical Kinesiology
THEA 121: Introduction to Technical Theatre
THEA 130: Beginning Acting
THEA 239: Stage Movement
MUSI 110: Music Appreciation
MUSI 225: Global Traditions in Music
MUSI 307: Music in the United States
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
Any DNCE prefix course

Dance certificate courses

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