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Incredible research opportunities

UW-Eau Claire is the designated UW-System Center of Excellence in Undergraduate Research, and one look at the Materials Science and Engineering Program will show you why. Over 85% of our graduates participate in collaborative student-faculty research, and it often begins in their first year of the program.

In addition to ongoing faculty projects in which student researchers take an active role, Blugolds can take advantage of research opportunities made possible through the Materials Science and Engineering Center, where connections to industry problem-solving put student research to the utmost practical use. In fact, industries seeking solutions to materials related problems can provide capstone research projects —a graduation requirement for Blugolds.

I was interested in research with thermoresponsive polymers. I had no idea when I went in to talk to Dr. Glogowski that it would be the start a new project, or how much I would grow as a scientist and as a professional.

Erik Engness, '16

How do I get involved in MS+E research? 

The good news is that any student in the program can participate in student-faculty collaborative research. The better news is it just takes a little bit of initiative on your part to get the ball rolling. Maybe you see an ongoing project of a faculty person that interests you (see categories below), or maybe you see an issue that arises for a Center industry partner, and want to contribute to the solution. It's really that simple. It starts with your inquiry. 

Bottom line? We will work with you to either join a project already underway or create an entirely unique research endeavor. We want all of our students to experience this hands-on process, and will help you make it happen. These are the sorts of projects that can launch advanced degree thesis or dissertation work, or open the door to that first job in the field. Take advantage! Speak with one of the faculty or contact the program at the email below to get started.

Topics of ongoing collaborative research are:

Blugold materials science major applies classroom knowledge to research

Materials science and engineering students lead the way in research at UW-Eau Claire, and one senior discusses the rewards of seeing that research applied to work and experiences outside of the classroom.

Putting skills to use

Collaborative research identifies a new class of materials for lithium ion batteries

Dr. Ying Ma and his research group of undergraduate collaborators explored the energy storage potential of a new class of materials for lithium ion batteries.

Collaborative Computations

New high-tech microscope creates new research opportunities

A new high-tech microscope with fast-scanning 3-D imaging capabilities is opening new and advanced avenues of research for students studying in the sciences at UW-Eau Claire.

Technology advantage

Ongoing faculty research

Research update for semiconductors

Dr.s Marc McEllistrem and Doug Dunham provide the latest findings in their ongoing research into semiconductors.

Latest in semiconductor research

Research update for polymers and colloids

Dr. Liz Glogowski keeps us updated on her ongoing research in polymers and colloids. Research at UWEC includes synthesizing and characterizing new types of polymers and colloids.

What's new in polymers?

Metallurgy and superconductor research updates

This research looks at fracture mechanics of metallic elements, their intermetallic compounds and mixtures called alloys. Superconductors are materials that allow electric current to flow through them with no resistance. Research at UWEC investigates the physical properties of superconductors and the interfaces with other materials.

Jewell of a researcher

Research update in computational materials

In the ongoing research into computational materials, Dr. Ma keeps us updated in the most recent discoveries in this area.

New research

Nanomaterials research update

Dr.s Doug Dunham and Marc McEllistrem provide updates to the research into nanomaterials.

Big tiny discoveries
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