MSE Capstone Projects

Pulling it all together

A capstone project is a year-long experience that is the culmination of a Blugold's Materials Science education at UW-Eau Claire. Each student must develop a materials-related project to address a question or problem that draws from across their experiences and skills as a student. These open-ended projects are exciting because the student has a chance to apply their education to solve a practical problem.

There isn't always a right answer, but the process of investigating the question leads to new knowledge and new skills for the students involved. These projects have real-world applications and are frequently developed with input from an industry contact or a research mentor. Projects can be science- or engineering-focused and always tie back to the materials.

Every student gains hands-on experience developing and executing the project, analyzing the data, working in groups, and presenting their results to different audiences both for presentations and in written reports. Blugolds get to explore a sub-topic of materials under their own direction, whether that is through an internship and continuing project with a local glass-making company, or a research project on metal nanowires. These capstone projects are opportunities to prepare students for their next career step, either for a job in the materials industry or graduate school. Capstone projects also provide opportunities for regional companies to explore problems or questions that they don't have the time or resources to investigate themselves.

Being able to work closely with faculty and instruments gave me a unique experience that set me apart from the rest of the crowd.

Mathew Guenther | Materials Science alum '17
Materials Science student Eric Miller at Cardinal Glass

Internship at Cardinal Glass

Senior Materials Science major Eric Miller completes his senior capstone internship experience with local company Cardinal Glass.

Internship to capstone
Sarah Sortedahl, research student in Materials Science, in the lab

High achievements lead to higher degree at high elevation

Materials Science student Sarah Sortedahl gained meaningful research experience studying superconducting wires at UW-Eau Claire which inspired her to pursue a PhD in Materials Science at Colorado School of Mines.

Capstone to grad school
Peter McCamley and Mathew Guenther capstone project injection molding for MS+E

Materials Science capstone leads to plastics careers

Two senior materials science majors tested the strength and stiffness of injection molded plastic parts. Their results have contributed to the new MS+E processing lab, and they have landed industrial positions in the plastics industry.

Capstone to industry
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