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Materials science and engineering is important in the competitive global economy and is recognized as one of the technical disciplines with the most exciting career opportunities. The new and innovative materials science and engineering program helps students learn the "science of stuff" with an eye towards engineering and design. The MS+E major complements our existing materials science major that allows students to fine tune their degree through one of eight emphases.

Both majors give students a broad foundation in all classes of materials, including nanomaterials, metals, polymers, ceramics, semiconductors and composites. They also emphasize critical thinking, communication, and the sort of broad-based problem-solving and analytical skills employers are seeking. We offer small class sizes, one-on-one time with faculty and other students, a broad education in areas that employers demand, and time to pursue your "AND". The Materials Science + Engineering major is currently going through the ABET accreditation process. More information can be found here

Coming out of high school I knew that I both enjoyed and was good at math, chemistry, and physics, so I initially figured I would choose one of these as my major. However, I also had an interest in Engineering and I just couldn’t decide which one to pick. Then I heard about Materials Science, which was a perfect combination of all of the subjects that I enjoyed.

Eric Miller '17 | OEM sales and product engineer | Razor Composites | Baraboo, WI

Leading in research to get you career-ready

UW-Eau Claire is the Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, and the materials science and engineering program is a leader in student-faculty collaborative research. These one-on-one or small group projects allow students to apply what they are learning in class to new situations, oftentimes with an opportunity to be paid as a research assistant and/or conduct summer research.


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Gavriel Deprenger-Gottfried works with the 3-D printer, one of the many state-of-the-art instruments found in UW-Eau Claire's Materials Science Center.

The engineering of stuff

To help students compete in the ever-growing science and technology industry, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire announces a new degree program in materials science and engineering beginning in the fall 2016.

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Materials Science majors

With the addition of the engineering component in the program, materials science now offers two comprehensive degrees, either of which will equip graduates with the technical and broad-based skills to succeed in any applied or research field.

The difference between majors

Materials Science and Engineering at UW-Eau Claire

Hear from students in the materials science and engineering program about how the program helps them learn how to think critically and communicate well in addition to the technical skills they gain.

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