Materials Science + Engineering Faculty + Staff

Leading by example

The facilities and instrumentation of the Materials Science & Engineering Center have gained quite a reputation in both the academic and industry communities, with good reason. However, the faculty and staff of the Materials Science and Engineering program have been making the headlines around here for quite some time, and they continue to impress on local, state and national levels.

Whether they are securing federal grants to support student-faculty collaborative research, accepting teaching awards from the UW System Board of Regents, or mentoring students in advanced undergraduate research, the materials science faculty are experts and well-known leaders in this growing academic field.

One tremendous advantage our program offers over others is that unlike materials science programs at larger universities, our courses are taught 100% by our faculty. Teaching assistants, TA’s, are a wonderful asset to undergraduate programs, and can do a great job in supplementing academic offerings at big schools. On this campus, however, we offer the faculty experts themselves delivering all lectures, instruction and research mentoring, a decision making factor that was not lost on recent graduate and Rhodes Scholar Tayo Sanders.

I wanted to come to a school like UW-Eau Claire because I wanted to interact with the people who have the most knowledge to share — the professors. Knowing that professors, not TA's, teach every class here was huge for me.

Tayo Sanders III, '15 Materials Science, Rhodes Scholar
Liz Glogowski in lab

Guiding Blugolds in research

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs hands out special awards to faculty for outstanding work with students involved in research at UW-Eau Claire.

Amazing mentor
UW-Eau Claire student Jason Luhmann (left) and Dr. Matt Jewell.

Matt Jewell awarded $750,000 DOE grant

Dr. Matt Jewell, has been awarded a five-year $750,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to fund a faculty-student research project that seeks to improve superconductor technology in the medical and science fields.

National funding
Marc McEllistrom

Engineer your future here

Dr. Marc McEllistrem makes the case for the materials science and engineering program at UW-Eau Claire as the best four-year option in the area.

Best option
Dr. Liz Glogowski (left) works with materials science student Liz Stubbs on measuring the viscosity of polymer samples as part of the UW System Applied Research Grant project. Different viscosities of the polymers are important for enhanced oil recovery.

Grants support faculty/student research

Dr. Elizabeth Glogowski, assistant professor of materials science at UW-Eau Claire, has received $105,000 in grant money to continue student-faculty collaborative research related to new polymeric materials.

Grants go far
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