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Materials Science + Engineering

So really, what is Materials Science and Engineering?

Materials from metals to nanomaterials are the raw ingredients in every product we use. Materials scientists and engineers must select materials, improve properties, lower processing cost and increase durability. We tackle real world problems in the curriculum by combining core scientific principles, engineering approaches, and sophisticated instruments.

Our graduates learn a diverse set of skills that makes them attractive to manufacturers, research and development labs, and graduate schools. At UW-Eau Claire, Materials Science and Engineering includes both an academic program and a physical place — the Materials Science and Engineering Center. Sound confusing? Not to worry — this site holds all the keys to your path in discovering the "science of stuff".

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Unbeatable academics

The academic program has a strong emphasis in hands-on learning in the discipline, paired with an education where critical and creative thinking and strong communication skills are stressed. Our graduates leave here fully trained in state-of-the-art instrumentation, but equally important is the broad set of skills in research, data collection and analysis, and presentation of findings that Blugolds gain through the comprehensive degrees offered. Find more details about the academic program.

Stand out facility

The Materials Science and Engineering Center partners with local industries to solve their materials-related problems. The Center works with K-12 institutions to provide educational resources in the areas of nanotechnology and materials science. For an undergraduate institution, the Materials Science and Engineering Center has an unmatched array of materials science instrumentation available for use by students and industry. See the current collection of instrumentation.

"The difference between UW-Eau Claire's materials science and engineering program and other programs is our size. Students receive personalized attention and individualized experiences. We know their names, and we know who they are."

Doug Dunham | Director | Material Science and Engineering Center
Glogowski in MS+E Center

Materials Science + Engineering Center

Materials science uses scientific principles and sophisticated instruments to solve real world problems. At UW-Eau Claire, Materials Science and Engineering includes both an academic program and a physical place.

Center of matter

The Power of AND in action

For materials science major Sam Schultz, balancing his desires to advance his education and serve his country has brought him to ROTC at UW-Eau Claire, where his leadership skills and physics knowledge are carving a solid future for him in engineering.

The Power of AND in action
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