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Design your own major

A how-to guide

Creating your own major is a powerful opportunity and a challenging responsibility. It takes high motivation and hard work to design your own major, but the Liberal Studies program provides encouragement and guidance every step of the way. Taking the following steps will support your designing of a unique, high-value major program:

  1. Contact the Liberal Studies Program Director for a discussion of your interests and goals.
  2. Enroll in Liberal Studies 201 (Introductory Liberal Studies Seminar), which provides LE credits as well as credits in the Liberal Studies Program.
  3. Develop an initial draft of your Liberal Studies Program Plan, which lists and describes the courses you plan to take.
  4. Meet with your advisor to discuss your proposal and revise it as necessary.
  5. Enroll in Liberal Studies 301 (Liberal Studies Research Seminar), which provides LE credits as well as credits in Liberal Studies.
  6. Submit your proposal to the Liberal Studies Steering Committee for final review. If necessary, revise and re-submit your proposal to the Liberal Studies Steering Committee.
  7. Complete your course requirements for the Liberal Studies Comprehensive Major.

The Liberal Studies program is not an opportunity you want to miss out on. The LS Courses always invited relevant and engaging discussions. The advisors brought insight and experience as they helped me craft my major. I felt as though I were part of a team, where all of us worked together to create meaningful educational experiences. Liberal Studies is an outlet for you to cultivate your passions!

Luke Gladis | multimedia communication, social justice emphasis

Liberal studies core courses

Although most of your courses are self-selected with advisor support, there are three courses that must be completed by all liberal studies majors.

  • LS 201: Introductory to Liberal Studies Seminar
  • LS 301: Liberal Studies Research Seminar
  • LS 480: Liberal Studies Capstone Seminar

Each of these courses emphasizes open discussion and project-based learning. Liberal studies courses are taught in a seminar format with an emphasis on theories of academic learning, cross-discipline connections, professional and personal growth. The capstone course helps students develop and complete a unique, high-value project in their chosen area of concentration.

Sample majors

Students go above and beyond when designing their own major. The following majors have been completed in the past by Liberal Studies majors. We hope that these sample programs help you to consider what the right educational journey could be for you.

  • Creative Productions (Visual Arts, Communication, Marketing)
  • Global Sustainability Studies (Social Development, Environmental Studies, Cross-Cultural Studies)
  • Health Studies (Communicating within Health Care Settings, Basics of Health Care, Aging & Health)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (Developing World Studies, Moving the Message: Finding Solutions, Business Management)
  • Religion and Youth (Understanding Religion, Human Communication, Youth Development)
  • Science, Society, and Sustainable Energies (Scientific Foundations, People & Place, Environmental Sustainability)
  • Childhood Development (Learning & Behavior Development, Human Diversity in Childhood Development, Family Studies)
  • Asian Studies (Asian Culture, Language, Asian Social Studies)
  • Organizational Development and Strategic Planning (Understanding the Organizational Environment, Strategy & Planning in Organizations, Communication Skills)
Students assisting with farming

Peace Corps Prep Certificate

Want to become a global citizen and volunteer for the Peace Corps after graduation? Start our Peace Corps Prep Certificate to begin your journey towards being a Peace Corps volunteer.

Work for global peace
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