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Comprehensive Liberal Arts

The best of many worlds

At a time when much emphasis is given to technology driven economies, what students and instructors of Latin American Studies know to be true is that no technology can ever replace the value of cross-cultural awareness.

No matter what technologies come and go, all industries, organizations and markets desperately need talented people who can navigate the worlds of business, education, travel, arts, and yes, even technology, with a deep understanding of the the people and cultures within those systems.

There are few other academic plans that offer the breadth of knowledge and understanding offered here — LAS graduates in this comprehensive liberal arts major take with them valuable transferable skills like:

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Adaptability to wide-ranging environments and situations 
  • Sensitivity to and understanding of others
  • Ability to understand and improve human relationships
  • Thinking logically and critically, making analogies

I'm so grateful for my study abroad experience and the relationships I built with my host family. I gained invaluable cultural knowledge and built the confidence to speak Spanish.

LAS graduate survey, '16

The power of AND in action

With triple majors in chemistry, Spanish and Latin American studies, Blugold Honors student Anna Waller is pursuing her multiple passions in her study abroad and campus experiences.

Adding a powerful layer to science

Comprehensive Latin American Studies, Liberal Arts

60 credits

This comprehensive major provides students with a broad, solid grounding in the language, culture, politics, economics, and social life of Latin America today and historically. Students gain an interdisciplinary awareness and understanding or the region and develop strong skills in communication, critical thinking and evaluation of broad scope issues.

Given the increasing interdependency of nations and economies, and the growth of the Latino/Hispanic population in the United States, it's safe to say that a degree in Latin American Studies can open doors for just about any 21st century career path.

What do I need to take when?

To see an example of what a degree plan for the comprehensive liberal arts major might look like, click the link below. Keep in mind that this is a sample plan, and your exact plan may vary.

Comprehensive Liberal Arts degree plan

Need help sorting it all out?

Don't worry, your advisors will be the experts to help with all the nuts and bolts, but the documents linked below can be helpful in reviewing the requirements and being sure you don't miss anything in the planning.

Advising documents

Students on immersion trip in Guatemala

Language immersion requirement

Because of its invaluable benefits to students in terms of developing fluency in the target language and learning about Latin America, all LAS majors and the minor have a language immersion requirement of six weeks in a Latin American country, although a full semester is recommended if possible, especially for those doing the comprehensive teaching major. The requirement can be met through enrollment in an approved academic study abroad program, the National Student Exchange program, an internship or service/volunteer work. Students facing extenuating circumstances may participate in an alternative domestic language immersion experience pre-approved and determined in conjunction with the LAS Committee.

How do I declare a Latin American Studies major, minor or certificate?

If you're interested in any of the above, or in changing from your current major, see your academic advisor or contact the LAS program director at

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