Latin American Studies Offerings

The LAS advantage

Sure, you could declare a regular Spanish major or minor, but with Latin American Studies you can:

  • Become just as fluent in Spanish.
  • Spend the summer or semester in Latin America studying, volunteering or completing an internship.
  • Experience an array of courses from multiple disciplines including economics, nursing, geography, art history, math, religion, history, and anthropology.
  • Enjoy countless opportunities to gain personal and in-depth knowledge of Latin America and Latinos/Hispanics in the U.S.
  • Fulfill many, if not all, of your general or liberal education requirements through LAS electives and core courses.
  • Prepare for a career in nonprofit, education, health care, law, journalism, international business or any other field in which knowledge of Spanish and Latin America can be an asset.

At UW-Eau Claire we believe in The Power of AND. Let LAS be your AND.




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Erin Kelly in front of Target Field

Finding her field of dreams

Alumna Erin Kelly found outstanding support from academic advisor and LAS professor Dr. Analisa DeGrave which, coupled with a great academic experience at UW-Eau Claire, proved to be a winning combination to begin an exciting career.

LAS + baseball = dream job
Learning on immersion in Nicaragua
Manny Fernandez in literature class for LAS

LAS majors and minor

Whether your interest is in teaching, business, politics, or arts and culture, our Latin American Studies program has the right degree plan for you.

LAS degree options
Student in Latin American Studies classroom at UW-Eau Claire

LAS certificate has arrived

The LAS certificate has been approved and will be officially listed in the 2017-18 catalog. Students can start taking classes now, and those credits will apply toward the new 12-credit certificate.

Is an LAS certificate for you?
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