Latin American Studies Week

A week of celebration

This is a week of celebration and information you won't want to miss.

Each year, the university brings additional attention to its LAS program through a celebration that highlights the culture, history, politics, economies and peoples of Latin America. LAS Week is also a time to celebrate Blugold successes, share research and disseminate information about the program itself.

Typically held in mid-late October, the week of celebration has previously included an interesting array of programs, performances and panel discussions meant to bring awareness to the current events of Latin America. All events are open and free to the public.

What happens during LAS Week?

The line-up of events and speakers varies greatly from year to year, but you can expect to hear presentations regarding current political and cultural situations in Latin America; topics facing Latino/Hispanics in the U.S.; and events designed to entertain and educate. See the links below for the full programs from the past two years. Below you will find links to our current and some past flyers for LAS Week as well as a link to images from Colombia, Cuba, and Nicaragua taken by local photographer Mark Aumann, shown during the LAS Week 2017 Keynote dinner.

Gallery of images from Colombia, Cuba, and Nicaragua

LAS Week Schedule, 2017

LAS Week Schedule, 2016

LAS Week Schedule, 2015

Bree Bryant

Celebrating Latin American Studies

Study abroad and immersion experiences are important to UW-Eau Claire’s Latin American Studies program because those experiences help students develop a proficiency in Spanish and gain a deeper cultural understanding

Spotlight on immersion
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