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Sometimes it seems that our current economy demands that students graduate with a specific set of skills aimed at a certain job field. What is interesting to note, however, is that 2015-16 saw a rise in employment and salary levels for graduates in humanities and liberal arts, close to that of business grads. That's pretty incredible news.

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According to an October 2016 Wall Street Journal article, degree holders in broad area studies — majors like Latin American Studies and Gender Studies — logged the largest gains in full-time employment and pay, with average starting salaries rising 26% to $43,524 for the class of 2015, compared with the previous year's graduates. Language studies posted the second-highest salary gains.

Our LAS students develop a high proficiency in Spanish. As part of their studies, they experience a minimum of 6-weeks immersion in a Latin American country to more fully develop their communication skills, and can choose from a broad range of courses that build deep and solid cultural competency and global awareness. Classes in American Indian studies, anthropology, art history, economics, history, geography, languages, linguistics, math, and religious studies are the building blocks of this interdisciplinary program.

The result is graduates who are ready to take on the world.

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majors/minors spend at least 6 weeks abroad


fulbright scholars since 2007

I see Latin American Studies as one of the best examples of the university mission in action — transformative liberal education and instilling a world-wide perspective.

Chancellor James Schmidt, LAS Week intro 2016

Language experts

What sets our Latin American Studies degree apart is the high level of language proficiency and the minimum six-week international immersion experience. These factors, along with the breadth of topic area expertise represented by our faculty and staff make for a degree that creates standout applicants in all areas, and serves as excellent preparation for graduate school in a multitude of disciplines. In any field requiring Spanish fluency, an understanding of the culture and solid knowledge of the region, Blugolds will be more prepared than graduates of less rigorous LAS programs.

UWEC Latin American Studies

Several students answer the question: Why LAS? Maybe their answers are what you are looking for too!

Why LAS?

A great choice to further explore heritage

Hear from a few recent Latin American Studies students about how and why they chose this program, and what they feel they've gained in the process.

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