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Latin American and Latinx Studies Majors + Minors

Choose the plan that suits you best

The Latin American and Latinx Studies program at UW-Eau Claire has come to distinguish itself as a unique program for its focus on international immersion experiences and its expectation of a high level of language proficiency from its students. In addition to these distinctive features, the LAS curriculum is interdisciplinary, multicultural, and offers a variety of transformative learning experiences.

Our LAS program offers four distinct majors and one minor, and as of the 2017-18 academic year it will also be offering a 12-credit certificate, so there is definitely a plan here to fit your particular goals. Become a more culturally competent citizen through the study of Latin American culture and language.

Degree plans + advising sheets

The epitome of interdisciplinary courses

Dr. Gerardo Licón is an assistant professor of Latin American Studies. He teaches a class on Latin American music and dancing that involves not just sitting at a desk, but getting up, listening to the music and learning some dance steps.

More than just song and dance

Language immersion requirement

Because of its invaluable benefits to students in terms of developing fluency in the target language and learning about Latin America, all LAS majors and the minor have a language immersion requirement of six weeks in a Latin American country, although a full semester is recommended if possible, especially for those doing the comprehensive teaching major. The requirement can be met through enrollment in an approved academic study abroad program, the National Student Exchange program, an internship or service/volunteer work. Students facing extenuating circumstances may participate in an alternative domestic language immersion experience pre-approved and determined in conjunction with the LAS Committee.

                                                                                                                                  *photo below by Mark Aumann

What is a comprehensive major?

A 60-credit comprehensive major, like the two offered in LAS, do not require that students also have a second academic plan. A second plan could be another distinct major, a minor, or a certificate. There is also the opportunity for students to create their own topical minor, with the help of their academic advisor.

How do I declare a Latin American and Latinx Studies major, minor or certificate?

If you are interested any of the above, or changing from your current major, please see your academic advisor or contact the LAS program director at

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