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The right minor for you

If you like a good challenge and want to study a language that is vastly different than other Western languages, consider learning Japanese. As the world continues to be a shared environment for business, travel and more, your knowledge about the culture and language will come in handy.

The Japanese minor program at UW-Eau Claire provides an in-depth introduction to this exciting culture. As part of this minor, you will be strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program in Japan. If you want more detailed course information, please refer to the catalog.

The department of languages is a unique part of UWEC, with a respectable set of knowledgeable staff members who are enthusiastic in sharing a piece of their language of expertise. The department carries an atmosphere that encourages diverse ways of thought, mutual coexistence and above all else, a love for all things cultural.

Michael | Japanese
Click on the links below to see the current requirements for the minor.

For printable advising guides, check out the Department of Languages Blugold Insider page. Just use your UWEC username and password to log in.

Japanese, Minor

24 credits

For a more detailed look at the requirements for this minor, view the catalog.

Change your minor

To change your minor to Japanese, please contact the languages department using the information below, and they will help you get going!

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