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Communicate locally and globally

Why do so many want to learn French? Whether for personal or professional enrichment, learning French will help you make connections near and far.

Why learn French at UW-Eau Claire?

Our French program has gained national attention and recognition because of the quality of its teachers and courses. The course "Cajun Watershed & Intercultural Immersion Program" received an ACTFL Global Engagement Initiative Award (November 2015). The French program itself was recognized as an AATF National Exemplary Program with Honors (April 2017). In our French courses, from the 100 to the 400 levels, students are actively engaged in increasing their language proficiency while learning varied aspects of the Francophone cultures. Our program positively impacts graduates' quality of life by (1) making them stand out on the job market, (2) preparing them for in-depth travel experiences, (3) developing empathy by giving them insights in other cultures, and (4) turning them into life-long language learners.

Below is a brief overview of the French majors and minors. If you want more in-depth information about the courses involved, take a look at the catalog. To contact a French professor, visit our faculty/staff page.

The department of languages is great. As a student of both Spanish and French I've gotten to know quite a few of the professors in this department. They are all incredibly nice and helpful. They want you to succeed and they are all welcoming and willing to answer any questions you have.

Emily | French and Spanish
Click on the links below to see the current requirements for each major and minor.

For printable advising guides check out the Department of Languages Blugold Insider page. Just use your UWEC username and password to log in.

French, Liberal Arts Major

36 credits

You will have the opportunity to study two years of French. After this introduction, you will then dig deeper into composition, conversation, culture, literature and more.

French, Liberal Arts Minor

24 credits

Provides a general foundation of the French language and culture.

French, Teaching Major

36 credits

Get prepared to share the French language and culture with the future through courses in composition and conversation, literature and phonetics. You will develop a cross-cultural understanding rooted in a liberal arts education.

French, Teaching Minor

24 credits

A nice addition to any teaching major. This minor is restricted to students in the College of Education and Human Sciences. The following areas of concentration are available:

Early Adolescence/ Adolescence

Education Studies: Option B or C and leads to licensure to teach French in this area of concentration

Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence

Education Studies: Option A and lead to licensure to teach French in this area of concentration

Early Childhood/Adolescence

Education Studies: Option C and leads to licensure to teach French in this area of concentration when combined with a major in another foreign language at the the Early Childhood through Adolescence level.

Change your major

To change your major to French, please contact the languages department using the information below, and they will help you get going!

UWEC nursing students at local farm advising Spanish speaking workers

Consider a language certificate

By taking a handful of extra courses on top of your introductory languages courses you can earn a certificate that will expand your options for the future. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of a culture and the skills employers are looking for.

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