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Online Ojibwe Language Program


Welcome to our Online Ojibwe Language Program, where anyone can watch our live or archived classes for free. Archived classes can be found below, along with instructions for viewing. UW-Eau Claire offers two years of Ojibwe Language, and a "Certificate of Ojibwe Language." Ojibwe courses can be used to fulfill the foreign language requirement for a baccalaureate degree. Those who have questions about our program or who wish to take Ojibwe online for college credit should contact our instructor:

Dr. Wendy Makoons Geniusz

We are having live Zoom classes some time each week this Fall and Spring (2020-2021).  Please email us for more details :-)

Although we will not be offering live broadcasts during the pandemic, we will post video language lessons each week to our Beginning Ojibwe I page, and our archived classes from previous semesters will remain available. We hope you will keep learning Ojibwe with us.

If you have any questions about our Ojibwe Language Program please contact: Dr. Wendy Makoons Geniusz (; 715-836-4768)

BOOZHOO! These are our language instruction videos from fall 2020.  We are so glad to have you learn with us, and we would love you to email us to let us know how your language learning is going.  Our Fall 2020 semester is over, but we hope you will join us in February and this archive should be available until Fall 2021.

Fall 2020 Classes:

Nitam-anokii-giizhigak Niizho-giizhigak Aabitooseg Niiyo-giizhigak
Welcome to our archive Introductions Terms FYI Praying
no class Intros +Study Aides Aaniin ezhi-ayaayan Song Review+ Exercise

+ "Asigibii'iganan"

Niin, Giin, Wiin Mishiikenyag Miishiikenyag + Niin, Giin, Wiin
N/A Review+"Ishkode-odaabaan" Intros+Fluent Speech Talking About Different People
Ginbaa na? The Verbal Ques Mark Mashi na___? Pattern Gaagiigidowinan: Conversations Practice Asking/ Answering Quesitons
Giishpin Minwedameg + Review Review: Niin, Giin, Wiin "I'm Happy When..." Intro Review in Woods

"Aaniin ezhi-ayaayn?" 
+ "Bimishkaayan"

Review: Turtle Words
Giishpin Minwendameg

Review: Intros N/A

Numbers+ Counting

Numbers+ Time

Miles+ Time animate+inanimate

"Awegonen ge-biizikaman"

It is verbs: VIIs

"Cold" N/A

"It Is Verbs" Review+ Journals

Time Review

Weather+ Time Song Review Giving A Weather Report

Giving the Forecast

Adding to Forecast

Weather+ Pronunciation N/A

Presentation Prep #1

Presentation Prep #2

Waabam/ Waaban N/A



Indinawemaaganag2 N/A

Indinawemaaganag: nitaa-+da-

Indinawemaaganag: ni__aa

zoomchigedaa Pres Prep + Zoomchigewin

Presentation Prep

Activities+ Pres Prep

N/A Review+ Asking For Help

BOOZHOO! This is an archive of our Beginning Ojibwe I classes from Fall 2019.

These videos should be downloadable. Let us know if you have any problems with this.

Mac Users: Our Archive might not play for you on Safari, so download another web browser, like Firefox OR Chrome! OR just download the clips you want and watch them that way

If you can't hear audio: Download the clips you wish to hear and open them in a VLC Player.

Fall 2019 Classes:

Week Nitam-anokii-giizhigak Aabitooseg Niiyo-giizhigak
1 N/A N/A Asking for Help
2 Introductions Intros + Questions Intros + Homes
3 Numbers Numbers + Ages Numbers + Temp
4 Temps + Na/Ni Numbers + Measurements Presentation Prep
5 Intros + Moons Niin, Giin, Wiin Review + Grammar
6 Feelings Feelings- Gi___ ina? Feelings + Questions
7 Review Review N/A
8 It is verbs: VIIs N/A N/A
9 Ezhi-giizhigak Ezhiwebak agwajiing Presentation Prep
10 N/A Student Presentations Pres + Introducing topics
11 S/he is verbs: VAIs Doing things @ times Doing things @ times
12 Activities + Lets + Let Us Putting sentences together Asking Questions
13 Family Members N/A N/A
14 Giving a Presentation Presentation Prep Presentation Prep
15 Practicing for Pres Student Presentations Student Pres + Course Info


Because of the ongoing pandemic, we are not able to broadcast live in person classes at this time.  This is an archive of pre-recorded Ojbiwe language lessons that the students are watching in addition to their live classes this semester.  We are also offering free community zoom classes Mondays 3:00-3:50 central time.  If you would like to join us for those, please email us for the link.  Following these lessons are links to our live Ojibwe classes, recorded spring 2019.  We intend to delete that archive soon, so please download what you want from it.

Week 1 N/A Asking for Help + Praying
Week 2 "It is Verb" Review Time + Weather Review
Week 3 Weather +Clothing+Review VTIs+VTAs: Biizikaw+Biizikan


This is an archive of our Beginning Ojibwe II taught Spring 2019.

These are the materials we are using in this class:

  • Dictionary: Peoples Ojibwe Dictionary:
  • Textbook: Gresczyk,Rick. And Margaret Sayers. Ambe Ojibwemodaa Endaayang! Minneapolis: EagleWorks

Mac Users: Our Archive might not play for you on Safari, so use another web browser, like Firefox OR Chrome! OR just download the clips you want and watch them that way :-)

If you can't hear audio: Download the clips you wish to hear and open them in a VLC Player.

Spring 2019 Classes:

Nitamanokii-giizhigak Niizho-giizhigak Aabitooseg Niiyo-giizhigak Weeks:
Not Avail. Asking for Help Goon + Na/Ni H/W ex + yaan, yan, d 1
Asking for Help Places + Me to You Places... Asking for things 2
Ina Questions Weather + Places Weather + it is verbs Weather + Calendar 3
Not Avail. Clothing + Weather Biizikan Biizikaw Clothing, Weather, Colors 4
Not Avail. Not Avail. Not Avail. Grammar: VIIs + VTIs 5
Food + Drink + "or" Gigzhebaa-wiisining talking about meals asking questions 6
Short Conversations Forming Sentences Forming Sentences Not Avail. 7
Colors + Review Colors + Review Review Not. Avail. 8
"The One That Is" "The One That Is" Asking for Things Frosting Cookies 9
Presentation Prep. Presentation Prep. Presentation Prep. Presentation Prep. 10
Not Avail. Frosting Cookies Asking for Things Commands 11
Aabaji' vs Aabajitoon Activities in the Language Activity in the Language Activity in the Language 12
Iskigamizigeng Iskigamizigeng "and then...." Pres. Prep. 13
Pres. Prep Review Student Presentations Review 14

Boozhoo! Welcome to our Intermediate Ojibwe I Archive of classes from Fall 2017! For this class we primarily used the following text from Eagle Works: Traveling With Ojibwe: A Phrasebook in the Chippewa Language With Emphasis on the Contemporary. Copies can be purchased from our university bookstore: 715-836-2172

We are offering Intermediate Ojibwe I Fall 2019, but because it is an online course this time (rather than a broadcasted course) students must officially enroll and pay tuition.  Contact us if you are interested.

All of these classes should be downloadable. If you have any problems downloading them, please contact us:

Fall 2017 Classes:

Nitam-anokii-giizhigak Niizho-giizhigak Aabitooseg Niiyo-giizhigak Week
Moons, Seasons, VTAs Weeks + Weather, VIIs VIIs + VTAs VTAs: You + Me 2
Mezinaatesegin + VTIs (an) Mezinaatesegin + VIIs Mezinaatesegin + VAIs Mezinaatesegin + Presenting 3
Gichigamiin Gichigamiin Gichigamiin + nawaj Giving Directions 4
Maa'ishkamong Maa'ishkamong Adaaweng VTAs 5
Not Available Not Available Ataageng Zhooniyaa-wataageng 7
Midterm Review Midterm Review Midterm Review Not Available 8
Wiisining Okosimaani-giizhigad Enideg Epogwak 9
4th Person/ "The other(s)" 4th Thing Not Available 4th Person/ "The other(s)" 10
4th Person/ "The other(s)" Ezhipogwak Not Available Presentation Practice 11
Presentation Prep Student Presentations Not Available Not Available 12
Biindigebii'igeng Rudolph Biindigebii'igeng + Rudolph VTIs + Rudolph 13
Mazina'igan-adaawewigamig Not Available Mazina'igan-adaawewigamig Review 14
Working on Skits Christmas Carols Review  End of Semester 15


This is an archive or our Intermediate Ojibwe II class from Spring 2018.

Our textbook for this semester was: Chi-mewinzha: Ojibwe Stories From Leech Lake By: Dorothy Whipple (U of MN Press)

Spring 2018 Classes:

 Nitam-anokii-giizhigak  Niizho-giizhigak  Aabitooseg  Niiyo-giizhigak  Week
   VTAs + Praying  VTAs: Do it to him verbs  Fluent Speech 1
 Asemaa + "The Other" Asemaa  Not Available  Not Available
 Asemaa + VTAs  Asemaa + VTA sentences  Asemaa + Baawitigoon  Ways to talk about Asemaa
 Asemaa: Wiindaawasong Asemaa  Asemaa + Animikiig  Asemaa + Animikiig
 Not Available  Not Available  Asemaa + Niimi'idiing  Asemaa + Speech Prep
 Mezinaashiikweban dibaajimo  Asemaa + Oratory  Switching from niin to wiin  Conjugations + Pronunciation
Presenting Teachings Ojibwe Oratory Putting speech together

Student Presentations

Seasons Seasons Seasons+ summarizing Text

Summarizing Text

Seasons 2 Seasons+ Listening wiin, wiinawaa, "the other"

Manoomin+ Animikiig

Seasons + Bagidawaang + Teaching Teaching short lessons in Ojibwe Seasons + Teaching

Seasons + Teaching:

Not Avail. Gaazagaswaajimekaag + Teaching Gaazagaswaajimekaag + Teaching

Gaazagaswaajimekaag + Teaching

“Makwa Ingii-pimaaji’ig” “Chi-ozagaswaajime” + Retelling a story: Working with fluent speakers

Not Avail.

“Makwa Ingii-pimaaji’ig” Asabikeshiinh-bawaajigeyaabiin Asabikeshiinh-bawaajigeyaabiin

Not Avail.

Not Avail. Student Teaching Demo: Feeling Terms: Student Teaching Demo: Painting

Student Teaching Demo: UNO



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