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Ojibwe Language Offerings

Saving an endangered language

The Ojibwe language, like Indigenous languages around the world, is endanger of becoming extinct. Learn Ojibwe with us, and you aren't just fulfilling a university language requirement, you are joining a language and culture revitalization movement! This department offers an online Ojibwe Language Program, and you can view all recorded sessions here. Whether you are a student enrolled in the course or an interested community member, all online classes have been archived for learning and review. Watching the class sessions is free, and live chat is also available.

A key part of your education

A foundation of our liberal arts philosophy is to create engaged and informed global citizens of our students, and language study is an essential aspect of that citizenship. Beginning and Intermediate Ojibwe I and II, both offered online, can fulfill the language requirement for a baccalaureate degree.

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