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Variety is the spice of life

Since becoming a global citizen is a vital part of being a Blugold and a well-rounded human, the languages department also offers courses in other world languages outside of the majors and minors. Each of the languages below has a two-semester sequence of courses that serve as introductions to the language and culture. These courses fulfill the language requirement needed to get your degree.

Many people around the globe know two or even three languages. To compete with them, UW-Eau Claire students should take advantage of the language courses available to them on this campus.

Victoria Dylla | Education Major


One of the oldest languages is still holding strong as the 5th most popular language in the world. Knowledge about the Arabic culture and language is in great demand by employers and it was also named by the U.S. State Department as a "critical language" for students to learn.


Not only do over a billion people in the world speak Chinese, but China is also one of the strongest global economic powers. The two-semester sequence of the Chinese culture and language will open up several opportunities for your future.


The study of classics is the study of the foundations of Western Civilization. Classics is at its essence an interdisciplinary study, which encompasses archaeology, anthropology, art history, comparative literature, language, history, philosophy and religious studies. Skills gained via study of classical languages are also highly desirable in the business world, such as abstract and critical thinking along with well-developed communication skills (e.g., via the study of language and translation).


Study a language that is frequently used in the Eau Claire community and greater Wisconsin and Minnesota. Learn about the rich culture through introductory courses led by passionate faculty and staff members. Be sure to plan with your adviser if you are interested as these courses are currently only offered every other year.


Gain an appreciation and understanding of one of the indigenous languages of Wisconsin. The introductory courses are available for anyone to learn via instructional video. When you join us you join the global movement to revitalize indigenous languages and cultures.

Learn more about Ojibwe


Coming in as number eight on the top ten list of languages spoken in the world, Russian is an interesting and useful language to learn. Get a feel for the culture and language from beginning courses taught by a native Russian professor. If you want to continue to learn more, consider minoring in 2014-2015 Undergrad Catalog

I was able to choose a language that I felt pertained to my interest in history and the arts — Latin. Although I was still apprehensive after choosing the course, it ended up being my favorite class! Seeing how much I enjoyed learning something new like Latin gave me a broader perspective on what I can potentially achieve.

Alex | Classics
Students reading to children

English as a Second Language (ESL)

If you are a Blugold from a country where English is not the primary language, consider participating in the ESL program at UWEC. The courses in this program focus on languages and communication/culture (IDIS). Not only will you be able to navigate the English language better, but you will also earn credit towards your degree. Not a Blugold? That’s ok! ESL and IDIS courses are also available to community members and others on an audit basis.

Learn more about ESL

If you are an international student and a non-native speaker of English who requires additional test time fill out this e-form to request extra test time.

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