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Read some success stories of our students.

Female Asian student inside Davies Student center, pink dress, smiling.

Perseverance and patience: International student success story

A severe case of homesickness nearly stopped Xuewei Zhang’s Blugold journey before it even began, but with the right set of supports mobilized, her nerves were calmed. She's now beginning her senior year and is on track to graduate next May.

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Ziyan Yang poses with a demonstration of her computational research into better battery materials.

Battery research opens door to graduate study in electrochemical technologies

Materials Science and Engineering student Ziyan Yang is working on computational design of novel materials for energy storage, which inspired her to pursue a master’s degree in electrochemical technologies at the University of Oregon.

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UW-Eau Claire senior Zixuan (Jason) Jiang worked as an intern this summer for NBA China.

Hoop dreams

Zixuan (Jason) Jiang was a basketball loving teen in China when he decided to plan his future career around his favorite sport. First stop on his way to making his basketball dreams come true? UW-Eau Claire, of course.

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