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Public History

Bringing the past to life

The term public history refers to the theory and practice of a variety of history-related pursuits that occur outside the university setting. It is a growing field in the discipline of history-more than 100 U.S. universities and colleges offer courses in public history. In addition to their academic applications, courses in public history prepare students for a wide range of career options after college graduation, including work in historic preservation, museums, archives, cultural resource management, contract history, and other occupations in the private sector and for government agencies.

The history department at UWEC has long been involved in local and regional public history, but degree offerings in the field are relatively new. The UW-Eau Claire History Department offers a Public History Emphasis for undergraduate majors and a MA in Public History for graduate students. 

Public History Emphasis

24 credits

Public history has been a growing field during the last few decades, and many history departments across the country have recently developed graduate programs in the field. Undergraduate degree offerings in public history, however, are much less common. The undergraduate Emphasis in Public History at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has been designed to introduce students to a variety of career options open to history majors in addition to teaching.

For more details about course specifics, see the course catalog.

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