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History, Liberal Arts

Diverse in and out of the classroom

Within the history department, our liberal arts program is a flexible degree in which you can choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. If you are not a history major, you can choose to add a history, liberal arts minor to your degree. Through this program we provide all of our students with the ability to analyze diverse experiences, construct arguments that explain how history can inform the present, and compare and connect, local, national, and global histories just to name a few. You will gain the knowledge and skills to be successful in any career path you choose.

Liberal Arts Major

36 credits

History students become informed citizens who know how to think critically, communicate effectively, and understand and appreciate diversity while they evaluate and present different interpretations of the past. They uncover evidence and use it to explain the meaning and impact of events in local, national and global contexts.
For more details about course specifics, see the course catalog.

Liberal Arts Minor

24 credits

The flexibility of your history minor allows you to take a wide range of topics within history that may interest you at various levels. Make sure to check out the variety of course offerings you can take with your minor.
For more details about course specifics, see the course catalog.

Change your major

To change your major to history, please contact the History Department using the information below, and they will help you get going!

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