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Graduate Program in History

Become an expert with our graduate program

The Master of Arts in History at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is designed to meet the needs of three types of students: college graduates who wish to increase their background in history as a liberal arts area, teachers who wish to expand their knowledge of history, and students who intend to pursue a doctorate degree in history at another institution but require further preparation before applying. Each student will work closely with an adviser. The adviser will help the student design a plan that will allow for completion of program requirements as efficiently as possible.

Each student will work closely with an adviser. The adviser will help the student design a plan that will allow for completion of program requirements as efficiently as possible.

MA in History

The Master of Arts-History is intended for those who wish to increase their backgrounds in history and for those students who intend to do further advanced work in history. Graduate students who complete the program are expected to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of history and techniques of historical research to ensure a sound, factual knowledge and a grasp of pertinent historical literature in the fields in which they study, to appreciate the historical method of searching for truth, and to recognize the complex nature of historical developments.

MA in History: Public History

Public History prepares students for a wide range of career options by familiarizing them with museum work, historic preservation, archives, and other public history subfields, and by providing hands-on experience through internships and other opportunities. The Wisconsin Historical Society's Division of Public History and Historic Preservation opened its Northern Field Services Office in the History Department in 2006. The Field Services program provides programming and assistance to history and preservation organizations state-wide and collaborates with the Public History program to coordinate internships and other opportunities in public history. The Public History program also works closely with the UWEC Special Collections and Archives, which regularly hosts interns. The Archives is home to one of a network of 14 Area Research Centers (ARCs)which the Wisconsin Historical Society and UW System administer cooperatively, providing students access to the resources of the Society as well as the other 13 ARCs.

Degree requirements - thesis and non-thesis options

Our MA in History and Public History have two options; a 30 credit thesis option or 33 credit non-thesis option. What is the difference? In the 30 credit thesis option, you will complete a traditional 6 credit research paper and thesis. In the 33 credit non-thesis option you will take additional graduate coursework to complete the additional credits needed instead of writing a thesis.

For additional information about our graduate programs including courses and program requirements, please refer to our graduate catalog.

Graduate catalog

Successful completion of the program will signify that a student:

  • has acquired sound factual knowledge of a major field of history and a grasp of the pertinent historical literature.
  • has learned to use historical method and to respect evidence.
  • has demonstrated proficiency at gathering, analyzing, and presenting material both orally and in writing.
  • understands the complexity of human history.
  • can make judgments about concrete issues which reflect careful analysis. appreciates the people, institutions, events, and ideas that have shaped the world of today.

Qualifications for admission

  • Minimum of 24 semester credits of undergraduate history. The department strongly recommends at least 30 semester credits.
  • A GPA of 3.00 or 3.15 in the second half of all undergraduate work and a 3.30 in the history concentration
  • A letter of intent
  • Three letters of recommendation by professors who are familiar with the applicant's past work and potential to do graduate work
  • Completion of an undergraduate research seminar involving the writing of a major research paper

Additional notes

  • It is strongly recommended that a student have completed two years of foreign language study at the college level
  • The department may consider admission of a student whose GPA and/or other qualifications do not meet all those specified above where there is convincing evidence that he or she is capable of performing satisfactory graduate work in the department.

Graduate certificate in history

The graduate certificate program in history is for individuals who would like to expand their competence and knowledge in a particular area of history. Our certificate program is designed to offer flexibility based on your specific needs or interests. Graduate certificates emphasize specialization and depth of knowledge in a specific area or interest.

Areas of expertise for graduate certificates

  • Areas of expertise for graduate certificates
  • African American history
  • Asian history
  • European history
  • Global history
  • Historical research and writing
  • Latin American history
  • Military history
  • Native American history
  • Public history
  • Race and ethnic history
  • United States history
  • Women, family, and gender history

For additional information in regards to our graduate certificate program including requirements of admission and course requirements, please refer to our graduate program catalog.

Graduate catalog

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