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If you want to add expertise in history to a degree in another discipline, our certificates are a wonderful option! If you are interested in one of these certificates or would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Global and Comparative History Certificate

12 credits required

Our global and comparative history certificate is developed specifically for students with majors other than history. The courses comprising this certificate will give you a better understanding of the historical development and interactions among nations, regions and global institutions. This certificate is open to all majors, but those studying political science; business; economics; geography; and women's, gender, and sexuality studies may find this certificate particularly useful to enhance their degree.

Learn more about the global and comparative history certificate

History of Race, Gender, and Society Certificate

12 credits required

This certificate focuses on issues central to understanding contemporary culture, society and identity. The history of race, gender, and society certificate can be a very marketable addition to any field of study, including women's, gender, and sexuality studies; social work; criminal justice and sociology.

Learn more about the history of race, gender, and society certificate

Transnational Asian Studies Certificate (Interdisciplinary)

15 credits required

Transnational Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary certificate, offering courses from various departments across campus. This certificate focuses on exploring Asia and the Asian diaspora to gain knowledge about Asian ancestry. You can customize this certificate to meet your individual interests.

Learn more about the transnational Asian studies certificate

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