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Geology Liberal Arts

Broaden your horizon

The liberal arts geology major emphasizes a broad training in general science, the relationship between earth science and other sciences, and it allows for greater creativity in program design to meet the student's specific interests and employment needs.

What does that mean? Well, it could mean that you design a degree plan that incorporates business courses or an interest in creative writing, art or photography. Liberal arts backgrounds are seen as an excellent way to show broad-based problem-solving skills as well as a wide range of strengths and abilities, which can prove useful in a job search. 

The key with this major is flexibility — it’s your plan, and you tailor it to your interests. 

Liberal arts major, 36 credits

27-29 credits geology core, additional electives

Degree requirements are a combination of geology and chemistry classes. Students in this major are strongly encouraged to take additional communication classes which will give a solid base in any technical writing, communications or marketing jobs in science-based industries. 

Meet with your faculty advisor for degree planning and see the course catalog for further details.

Is geology the right choice for me? 

When considering the right academic fit for you, the following attributes are typical of geology students:

  • Strength and interest in science
  • Love of the outdoors
  • Interest in the environment
  • Ability to apply classroom lessons to field experiences
  • 3-dimensional thinker
  • Aptitude for math and chemistry

Interested in changing majors or declaring a geology major? 

See this page for all of the 4-year degree plans and links to other relevant information. Please contact the Department of Geology through the information provided below for more information about becoming a major, or changing majors within the program. 

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