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Geology Majors + Minors

Our majors rock!

If you have a passion for science and the outdoors, along with a desire to become engaged with other students and faculty in high-quality research in the geosciences, you will be right at home as a geology major at UW-Eau Claire.

Whether your goals are to pursue a career in industry, governmental regulatory agencies, education, or  a career in scientific research, a degree in geology from UW-Eau Claire will be a step above the rest. Our field-based curriculum provides students the opportunity to do the work of geologists from the first entry level course, and that fact alone sets us apart. 

Undergraduate research is a unique aspect of this program, and the collaborative scholarship going on in the Department of Geology is a prime reason that UW-Eau Claire is named the Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Research by the UW System. The department also has extensive high-tech equipment to support both field and lab-based projects, and amazing paid internships and scholarship opportunities are made available through the Responsible Mining Initiative

See the selections to the right and explore all the degree options available in geology. 

UW-Eau Claire has an extraordinary undergraduate geology department. The faculty investment in field-based learning and student immersion experiences at both the lower-division general education level and the upper-division level for majors is greater than any geology program I know of. That this happens at a state university is amazing.

Dr. Paul Link, Idaho State University, external review report
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