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Transnational Geography

Learning locally and globally

Explore what the world has to offer! The transnational geography major incorporates cultures and environments across all borders of the globe. The department of Geography and Anthropology also has professors who travel across nations and bring their international perspectives to you. But don’t let our professors have all the fun! UW-Eau Claire has a study abroad program that offers over ten countries to choose from. This degree illustrates how geography impacts nations across the world and transforms you into a truly global citizen.

Transnational Geography

60 credits, no minor required

The world and all its geographical wonders await you! Focus on humanities relationship with the natural world through a global perspective. 12 credits are also required from international courses found in other disciplines. This includes six credits of foreign language or six credits from an approved study abroad program.

Change your major

To change your major to transnational geography, please contact the geography and anthropology department using the contact form at the bottom of this page or contacting our department chair or academic assistant.

Aerial view of Eau Claire landscape.

Going above and beyond for you

Our excellent faculty and staff are dedicated to their students and go the extra mile to give them a well-rounded education.

Meet them
Anna Waller and Lara Bockenstedt

One greeting elicits 1,000 feelings

Lara Bockenstedt joined seven other students in Turkey for two weeks earlier this year as part of a geography field seminar class. As part of their research project, they spent time in neighborhood bazaars in Istanbul, where they were warmly welcomed.

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