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Travel Schedule

Off we go

Most weekends, we pack our suits, black interpretation books, visual aids and load into mini vans setting the GPS to familiar college campuses in the Midwest. Although the destination is key, the journey is half the fun. Traveling as a team to and from tournaments large and small to compete and continue the legacy of excellence becomes second nature to the UWEC forensics team. No matter if we are traveling to Illinois, Iowa or Minnesota, the common factor is who we see when we arrive. Alumni of the program so very often meets us at tournaments near their homes and judge for the team.

As I write this I’m sitting in my office enjoying a cup of coffee, taking in the challenges of the day and counting down the minutes until Alumni Work Weekend. Forensics to me is not just an activity I did in college a couple of years ago, it’s not something that I look back at with fond memories or an activity I participated in to fill my resume-no forensics was a family I joined, something that I’m still creating memories with and an activity that I’m still learning from.

Abby Rand | 2013 graduate

Get the details

Although we tend to travel to many of the same tournaments each year, the schedule does change from year to year (especially the location of nationals). Check out this year's travel schedule to see where we are going and when we are coming near you so you can join us and judge. Contact us if you want to judge.

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