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English Majors + Minors

Where every student finds a niche

The English Department offers a diverse array of emphases, or areas of concentration, including Creative Writing; Critical Studies in Literatures, Cultures and Film; English Education; Linguistics; and the Rhetorics of Science, Technology and Culture. We are sure that you will find your passion in one of these areas. Not surprisingly, English majors are among the most popular programs chosen for students opting to double major in another program in humanities, social science, natural science, or education.

All of our programs in English are committed to excellence, and we have the following core expectations for all of our majors, regardless of the emphasis, all of which will serve you well beyond the classroom:

  • Write effectively, for different purposes and audiences.
  • Plan, conduct, and document research using appropriate sources.
  • Read and interpret text from a variety of critical perspectives.
  • Describe the nature and structure of the English language.


See specific details about our majors(M), comprehensive majors(CM), minors(m), and certificates(C).

  • Prepare a what-if degree audit with your desired major and minor. (If you need help generating a what-if degree audit, please contact the LTS Help Desk, tel. 715-836-5711).
  • Get an advising packet for your proposed English major/minor and mark off courses that you have already taken. If you have completed three or more semesters, sketch out your remaining semesters on the degree plan (the last page of the advising packet). Advising packets are available from the kiosk outside the English Department Office, on the 4th floor of Centennial Hall. They are also available on the English Department website on the page regarding the particular emphasis.
  • If you are an ARCC student with an ARCC advisor, meet with that advisor. Bring a copy (either paper or electronic) of your what-if degree audit and your marked up advising guide.
  • If you are a student with a traditional department advisor, meet with the English Department's Director of Undergraduate Studies (during office hours or by appointment) and bring a copy (either paper or electronic) of your what-if degree audit and your marked up advising guide.

Please contact Alaina Guns ( or Joanne Erickson ( or stop in the English Department office (Centennial Hall 4102) to make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

For a more complete look at the English requirements and course descriptions, see the online course catalog.
Additional admission information and licensure requirements for the College of Education and Human Sciences are available in the online catalog.

I will graduate with pride as an English major from UWEC because of the high quality, passion, and dedication of the English Department's faculty, as well as the education they have sought to provide for me.

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