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Econ Cultural Immersion

Immersion on a micro- and macro-scale

In your economic studies, you are confronted with everything from the decisions of individuals to the policies of foreign governments; here is your chance to face it all head-on. Cultural immersion programs can last from a few weeks to an entire semester and take you to other parts of the country or the world. You will gain credits towards your degree and fresh perspectives from a diverse number of peers and faculty around the globe.

See a world economy

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Above :Emily Koehn
Below: Kallie Friede

Sunrise in South Africa

Pick a continent and go

With faculty researching economic issues all over the world, there is sure to be an immersion opportunity perfect for you. Here are three examples of programs from four different continents:

  • Learn more about the economy of South Africa from historic Stellenbosch University.
  • Take to the foothills of the Andes Mountains to explore Argentina's place in the world economy.
  • Experience a blend of the old and the modern of Scotland while attending University of Stirling's International Summer School.
  • Gather data in China on what Chinese citizens think about climate change.

Where can I go?

Professor DaCosta and students inside Century Equipment Company in China.

Cultural Immersion: Experiencing China

Traveling to China is one of many cultural immersion experiences the Economics department has to offer.

Experiencing China
Cultural Immersion in Argentina

Sign Up for Cultural Immersion this Summer

Deadlines are approaching for students to sign up for cultural immersion in the summer of 2018. The Economics Department is offering two study abroad programs allowing students to explore either Argentina or China this summer.

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Jamelske research in China

Climate change around the world

Two professors and four students travel to China to gather data on what Chinese citizens think about climate change in comparison to U.S. citizens.

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Students on study abroad program in Argentina

Cultural Immersion: Argentina Summer of 2017

Thinking about taking summer classes but also wanting to take a vacation this summer? Why not immerse yourself by traveling to Mendoza, Argentina and taking classes there?

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