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Liberal Arts Economics

A flexible and useful field of study

Here's the thing — economics is everywhere, playing a role in nearly every aspect of daily life throughout the globe. Studying this subject gives students a broad understanding of the world we live in and its inner workings. Economics students learn everything from what it is that determines the price of goods, to more complex questions of why the cost of living varies so widely between countries, and within countries and regions.

Add to this breadth of knowledge and complex analytical skills the overall scope of critical thinking and soft skills acquired through a liberal arts education, and it's no wonder that liberal arts economics graduates currently enjoy a level of employability and starting salary range not matched by many other degrees. According to 2014 Payscale reports, economics starting pay ranked 15th out of 130 majors, bested only by engineering, statistics and computer science degrees. The same source notes that economics is the highest paid liberal arts degree field for graduates.

Working on collaborative student-faculty research has exposed me to many new computer programs that have enhanced my technical skills. Presenting at conferences pushes me outside my comfort zone and I have strengthened my public speaking skills.

Isabel Chmielewska, liberal arts economics major

Economics major, liberal arts

36 credits

This degree requires a core of 16 credits of microeconomic and macroeconomic principles and theory, plus statistics.

What classes will I take with this degree?

Follow the link below to see a sample degree plan for the liberal arts economics major. You may be able to modify this plan. Speak to your advisor for options.

Liberal Arts Economic degree plan

University, college, major requirements

Need clarification on the requirements for this degree? Start by looking at the information in the catalog, then make an appointment and talk to your academic advisor.

Catalog 2019-2020

Economics minor, liberal arts

24 credits

This minor requires 12 credits in micro and macroeconomic theory and principles, and allows for up to three elective courses. See the current catalog for more course specifics.

Catalog 2019-2020

How do I declare economics as my major or minor?

If you are interested in declaring economics as your major or minor, or if you are considering switching your current major, please see your academic advisor or contact the economics department chair at

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