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Economic Majors + Minors

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Choose the study of economics to gain a solid grounding in methods of informed decision-making that will apply across numerous career paths: business, government, law, healthcare and more. You will learn to read and analyze situations and systems to help unravel the complexities of the marketplace, and focus your ability to think critically and creatively. Economics will give you the tools to understand why people and societies make the choices they do, and how those choices underlie the world we know.

Economics offers three majors and two minors that allow you to focus your studies: the comprehensive business economics major, liberal arts economics major or minor, and teaching economics major or minor.

Economics is a way of seeing and thinking about the world. It is an exciting field of study and the tools and skills that you learn can be applied to so many things in your life. More and more companies now look for people with statistical and econometric skills to analyze data and make conclusions and recommendations.

Victoria Udalova Economics
Students in class in 2010 econ class

What is a comprehensive major?

A 60-credit comprehensive major does not require you to add a second academic plan. The business economics major is a comprehensive major. All of our other economics majors and minors require the addition of either another distinct major, a minor, or a certificate. With the assistance of your academic advisor, you may even be able to create your own topical minor.

How do I declare economics as my major or minor?

If you are interested in declaring economics as your major or minor, or if you are considering switching your current major, please see your academic advisor or contact the economics department chair at

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