Software Engineering Major

Method to the madness

Designing, testing and developing software after analyzing users' needs is exactly what a software engineer does to develop a successful product. This is a fast-growing career with a wide variety of areas you can choose to focus in. From learning in the classroom about operating systems to video game design research, you'll be sure to get the experience you need to pursue any track after graduation.

With high starting salary potential (we're talking $70,000 and then some), our graduates have gone on to see success in this field. You may start off writing code, but eventually you could become a software architect or project manager. By choosing to major in software engineering, you're preparing yourself for a promising future.

Software Engineering Major

44+ credits and minor required

The software engineering emphasis is intended for you if you're interested in software design and development and related areas. You will complete the core computer science courses involving object-oriented programming, data structures, algorithms, database systems, and web programming, as well as advanced courses in software engineering, operating systems, computer architecture, and programming languages. You can select from advanced electives in topics such as computer graphics, security, robotics, and mobile computing application development. If you choose this major, you must also complete a 24 credit minor in some other discipline in order to satisfy graduation requirements.

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