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Organizational Communication

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Looking for a major that can give you knowledge and experience in communicating within an organization? Then organizational communication may be the major for you. You'll develop skills in group work, decision-making, conflict management, and more.

Our graduates go on to pursue careers in many areas. We have executive team leads at big name companies, event planners within major cities, and development managers at various nonprofits. With a degree in organizational communication, you’re gaining a skill set that can be applied almost anywhere.

Organizational Communication

36 credits (major) / 24 credits (minor)

This major assists students in the development of professional, group, and interpersonal communication skills that enable them to enhance the communities, organizations, and societies in which they live and work. Students learn to analyze, develop, and deliver messages to a variety of stakeholders.

Common courses

  • Introduction to Organizational Communication
  • Small Group Communication
  • Advanced Organizational Communication: Strategic Message Design
  • Strategic Event Planning
  • Leadership Communication
  • Professional Communication

Change your major or minor

To change your major or minor to organizational communication, please contact the communication and journalism department using the information below, and they will help you get going!

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