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Integrated Strategic Communication: Public Relations

Enter the World of PR

Want to work closely with clients to develop their brand, promote services or products, or build good relationships and maintain a reputation? Then public relations could be the right choice for you. You’ll gain skills in research, promotion, social media, writing, and more.

Public relations specialists are in high demand right now. With brand messaging becoming a priority for companies, everyone is searching for a public relations pro. You’ll find our graduates in various cities working for PR firms, in graduate school, or working for private companies.

Integrated strategic communication, public relations emphasis

36 credits

The goal of this degree is to understand objectives and strategies that shape the information delivered to public. Students are prepared to analyze, design, and manage public relations messages.

 Common courses

  • Multimedia communication
  • Fundamentals of Human Communication
  • Writing for Public Relations
  • Integrated Strategic Communication Campaign Design and Evaluation
  • Media Law and Ethics
To get more information about courses and this major, check out the course catalog.

Change your major

To change your major to integrated strategic communication with a public relations emphasis, please contact the communication and journalism department using the information below, and they will help you get going!

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