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CJ Majors + Minors

Communicate with ease

With various majors, minors, and certificates, we're sure you'll be able to find your niche here. Whether you want to be covering the news, working for an organization, creating advertisements for numerous brands, or working closely with a company to communicate to its public audience, there is something for you in the CJ department.

Our graduates go on to do really amazing things, like working for the Washington Post or working for the Twins baseball team to create its brand. No matter where life takes you, you’ll use the skills gained through your coursework.

Communication + Journalism

See specific details about our majors and minors.

Undeclared to loving my major

From undeclared to loving my major

Shannon Carlson shares how she explored many passions and opportunities to find a major that she loves.

How she found her fit
Love your Melon

For the kids

Blugolds use classroom project to partner with the UW-Eau Claire chapter of Love Your Melon and support its mission to help pediatric cancer patients.

See what they did
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