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Communication and Journalism Certificate Programs

A more focused degree

If you are looking to further focus your degree, you may be interested in adding on one of our three communication and journalism certificates. We offer certificates in integrated strategic communication, organizational communication and social advocacy and change. Any of these certificates are a great addition to your degree, offering you an even more comprehensive and well-rounded education. The certificates are also excellent complements to majors outside of communication and journalism and are open to all UWEC students.

Integrated Strategic Communication Certificate

15 credits

This certificate is designed to teach students in a wide variety of non-communication fields to effectively communicate in a message-intensive world. The certificate will provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to identify and analyze target audiences and create messages designed for those audiences.

Learn more about the integrated strategic communication certificate

Organizational Communication Certificate

12 credits

This certificate complements majors in every area of study by developing professional, group and interpersonal communication skills that enable students to contribute to, and better serve, the communities, organizations and societies in which they live and work. Students in any field must be able to analyze, develop and deliver messages to a variety of stakeholders.

Note: Students cannot pursue a Communication, Integrated Strategic Communication, or Journalism Major and the Organizational Communication Certificate to meet graduation requirements for completing a first and second degree program.

Learn more about the organizational communication certificate

Social Advocacy and Change Certificate

12 credits

This certificate is designed for students who wish to engage as active citizens, using communication skills and knowledge to promote change in a variety of social and political contexts including, but not limited to, human rights and environmental concerns. A combination of courses in communication studies and organizational communication help students learn the knowledge and skills that will allow them to create responsible change in their communities.

Learn more about the social advocacy and change certificate

Want to change your certificate?

If you're interested in changing or declaring your certificate to one of the above, contact the communication and journalism department and they'll help get you started!

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