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Comprehensive Chemistry Majors

Different offerings

Chemistry offers four distinct comprehensive majors with different emphases, three of which are certified by the American Chemical Society, giving them a bit of an added punch in the job and graduate school markets. Students in all of the comprehensive majors will find a diverse set of course offerings, all courses taught by professors who are readily accessible outside of the classroom, and access to state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Chemistry lab

The comprehensive majors share a common core of 36 to 39 credits —21 chemistry credits along with 15 to18 credits of math and physics. Each emphasis then includes its unique blend of upper level required and elective courses that leaves the student flexibility to focus on specific areas of interest. See the descriptions of the majors below, and follow the links to the online catalog to find all details.

Comprehensive majors

61-66 credits, no minor or secondary degree plan required

  • Core chemistry courses for A.C.S. majors:
  • Chemical principles or general chemistry I & II
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Intro to inorganic chemistry
  • Organic chemistry I + lab
  • Organic chemistry II + lab

General chemistry emphasis (ACS certified), 61 credits

The general emphasis major is ideal for students seeking immediate employment in chemically related fields or who are uncertain about postgraduate work.

View complete degree requirements.

Biochemistry emphasis (ACS certified), 61 credits

The biochemistry emphasis major is good preparation for students planning graduate study in biochemistry, biophysics or medicinal chemistry. In addition, this emphasis provides an exceptionally rigorous pre-medical or pre-pharmacy program when paired with suitable biology electives.

View complete degree requirements.


Chemistry with a business emphasis, 66 credits

This multidisciplinary comprehensive major blends chemistry and business courses to create a degree ideal for students seeking careers in chemical industry in the areas of sales, marketing, and technical service. It is also appropriate for pre-professional students, such as pre-dental or pre-pharmacy.

View complete degree requirements.

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