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Chemistry Liberal Arts major

Why liberal arts?

While all of our chemistry majors are liberal arts degrees, some students may want the flexibility of pairing a chemistry major with a second major or minor that is outside of chemistry. The chemistry, liberal arts major allows them to this. For example, a student who is interested in pre-med or pre-pharmacy may want to pair a chemistry major with a minor in biology or psychology, or a student who is interested in computational chemistry may want to pair this major with a minor in computer science or math.

And still other students may want to broaden their Blugold experience even further and pair a chemistry major with a minor in an another area that they are passionate about, such as art, music, or a language. 

The chemistry, liberal arts major shares the same common core of 39 credits with the comprehensive chemistry majors —21 chemistry credits along with 18 credits of math and physics, but requires fewer upper level credits in chemistry, thus providing the student with the opportunity focus their studies in another area as well.

 Chemistry, liberal arts major, 55 credits

Core courses:

  • Chemical principles or general chemistry I & II
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Intro to organic chemistry
  • Organic chemistry I w/lab
  • Organic chemistry II w/lab
  • University physics I & II
  • Calculus I & II

This plan includes the core chemistry courses plus math/ physics, and additional physical chemistry and laboratory coursework.

View complete degree requirements for the major and 24-credit minor.

Alex Craker

pharmacy AND public health

UW-Eau Claire chemistry graduate Alex Craker is now studying pharmacy AND public health so he can better meet the needs of his future patients … AND that’s pretty powerful.

Blugold pharmacist
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