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Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

At the core of life

For students interested in both chemistry and biology, the biochemistry/molecular biology (B/MB) major may be just the right degree plan. The 69-credit B/MB major is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary major that is offered jointly by the chemistry and biology departments, and involves the study of life processes at the molecular level. The B/MB major is popular with those students interested in a rigorous program that will prepare them for admission into graduate programs in the life science or professional programs, such as medicine or pharmacy.

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The lab and analytical skills I have learned throughout my research experience not only give me an edge in the classroom, but also when I begin applying to graduate school this upcoming fall! In addition to having the opportunity to explore research my field, I have made lifelong friendships with fellow researchers as well as developed a strong, professional relationship with my collaborating faculty mentor, Dr. Hati. The opportunities and experience I have gained from being part of a collaborative research project here at UW-Eau Claire are invaluable!

Lauren Adams | biochemistry/molecular biology major
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