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Stamp of approval

The Chemistry department is accredited by the American Chemical Society to offer three ACS approved degrees in chemistry. Why is this significant? Interested programs must be evaluated with respect to its breadth and depth, the qualifications of the faculty, the campus facilities, the department instrumentation, and the opportunities for students to conduct meaningful research. The extra rigor and additional requirements found in a certified degree program are highly regarded by potential employers and graduate schools and have a positive impact on even our non- ACS certified degrees.

Coming to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has been one of the best decisions I have made in my young professional career. UWEC has allowed me to receive a great liberal education with an emphasis in Chemistry. One of the greatest aspects of UWEC is the faculty to student ratio. You truly are able to learn so much about your professors.

Abdulghani Mounir | biochemistry

Power of AND in action

Dr. Nicholas Robertson tells about his undergrad experience working on a summer research project with Dr. Mike Carney, and how the opportunity changed his career path.

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