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Ecology + Environmental Biology

Do you care about the environment?

Studying relationships isn't just reserved for psychiatrists and counselors – biology gets in on the act with the ecology and environmental biology major. It simply means you're studying how living things interact with each other and with the environment.

If you're keen on conservation, field work, and learning how animals, plants, and the places they live all get connected, then this major is for you. You'll get into everything from genetics to the diversity of different organisms within a species. Possible careers include Water Quality Control Technician, Park Naturalist, Wildlife Biologist, Field Ecologist, Teacher, Museum or Zoo Curator, Fisheries Biologist, and countless others.

Comprehensive Ecology + Environmental Biology Major

60 credits/no minor required

The ecology and environmental biology emphasis lets you dive into varied topics in ecology, field biology, and biological conservation. If you're interested in field research, environmental monitoring and management, or natural resource conservation, or you need to prepare for graduate programs in ecology, environmental biology, or related fields, this major is for you.

Change your major

To change your major to ecology + environmental biology, please contact the Biology Department using the information below, and they will help you get going!

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