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Biology, Liberal Arts

Curious to Succeed

Biology is huge. Hundreds of disciplines and applications make it one of the largest majors on campus! If it's your passion, we've got the professors, facilities, and outdoor environments to make your journey to a biology career powerful and affirming.

Your curiosity and interest in all types of living things will be encouraged and challenged as you do research with faculty, serve your community and study abroad along the way. The knowledge and experience you gain with a UWEC liberal arts degree will prepare you to help solve problems in energy, natural resources, food science and countless other arenas. Choose your direction and get going!

Biology Major

36 credits, plus a minor

The study of biology provides the opportunity to integrate, interpret, and translate biological phenomena and environmental observations into meaningful decisions. Many people view biological careers to be rewarding and significant. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire offers a major and a minor in either liberal arts or teaching.


24 credits

Change your major

To change your major to biology, please contact the Biology Department using the information below, and they will help you get going!

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