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60-Credit Comprehensive Major, B.A./B.S.

Hone your skills

As the world seeks people who can synthesize different avenues of creative thinking, artists emerge with critical skills to think outside the box. This comprehensive degree provides flexibility for the individual with broad interests while helping them to refine applied skills in a variety of visual media. As you learn how to convey ideas and information, you'll work in collaborative environments where you are able to bridge multiple areas of course study and find answers to aesthetic questions in a larger social context.

Students are encouraged to follow an integrative approach and create a body of work varied with the interchange of ideas between fellow makers and thinkers. With various interpretations and trial-and-error approaches, important content and perspectives of visual art enrich the overall educational experience both in and beyond the studio.

For those wanting a little more direction, you also have the option of building a degree that focuses on defined media. As you observe a prerequisite system designed to allow in-depth study in specific emphases, you can work closely with your advisor to develop a visual compass and find tracks for career goals. The decision is in your hands!

Candid photography during Art department classes including, photography, figure drawing, sculpture and painting in Hass Fine Arts Center.

Choose your emphasis 

Areas of emphasis in the art degrees focus on a specialization relevant to a student's graduate studies or career goal. The following areas are options for emphasis in the 60-credit comprehensive plan.

Graphic Communications

Investigate an interdisciplinary opportunity for designers if you want to delve beyond just visual representation. Graphic Communications connects with the computer science with communication and journalism courses to strengthen design and presentation skills. Students become powerful contenders in today's workforce as they utilize the latest technologies to learn elements of graphic design and how to best communicate their concepts and ideas to the world.

Graphic communications degree requirements

Studio Art

Current trends in artistic careers call for those with broader interests and can work across a variety of media. Studio Arts encourages multi-talented individuals and explorative artists to find their passion through tailored art backgrounds. Conceptual and practical skills are introduced in foundations, and built upon in media-specific courses with technical, creative, and aesthetic philosophies. With increased flexibility in course selection, you can aspire to individuality by developing a personalized art degree.

Studio art degree requirements


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