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36-Credit Major

A versatile major for you

Sometimes the best place to begin your art is with a broader brush. This standard degree offers grounding in a variety of areas to help build basic knowledge in art, design, and art history. You'll share classes with fellow artists as well as those majoring in other fields to develop a diverse forum of artists, designers, and historians. The potential for integration leads to varied skill sets, meaning no two students are the same.

With an increasing demand for a visually connected world, you can thrive in an area of varied perspectives and learn to apply the risk-taking and critical thinking necessary for making art crucial in any field. To meet the minimum 60 credits required for all majors, you'll want to pair this degree with either a second major or a minor.

Students who pursue the studio emphasis often plan to combine their artistic abilities with other disciplines including, but not limited to, business and the sciences. Those leaning towards the art history emphasis combine their interests in exploration, conservation, and restoration with disciplines like languages or even art itself. Whatever your passions, opportunities in both fields are waiting for you to discover!

Student juried exhibition

Studio Art emphasis

Current trends in artistic careers call for those with broader interests and can work across a variety of media. Studio Arts encourages multi-talented individuals and explorative artists to find their passion through tailored art backgrounds. Conceptual and practical skills are introduced in foundations, and built upon in media-specific courses with technical, creative, and aesthetic philosophies. With increased flexibility in course selection, you can aspire to individuality by developing a personalized art degree.

Studio Art requirements

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