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Art + Design Majors + Minors

No two artists are the same: A degree for every interest

Our variety of programs introduce students to multiple media, upon which they can build and tailor their art background with the freedom to explore new avenues of thought and technical skills. This wide array of majors and minors is ideal for those considering interdisciplinary careers or more immersive experiences in a specific artistic emphasis.

The mission of our department is to help you become the artist you want to be, allowing you to select and combine programs and areas of emphasis in the ways that best suit your individual talents.

The first choice to make is what degree plan appeals to your needs and emphasis interests. Explore the details of each plan to discover all the paths you can take in pursuing your artistic dreams here at UW-Eau Claire. Check out your options below by selecting the degrees or visit the Art + Design academics page for Sample Degree Plans.

Thinking about getting a laptop for your education?

Perhaps consider waiting until you get to UW-Eau Claire, and then meet with Learning + Technology Services (LTS) to connect and learn about student discounts. Our university has collaborated with manufacturers to offer great deals for both hardware and software packages.

Our majors and minors have 24/7 access to three computer labs in our building: two Apple Mac labs and one Dell-based PC lab. Due to laptop prices, student often buy other brands. We simply recommend getting a laptop that is compatible with either platform. We further recommend the Adobe Creative Suite software package; particularly Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and AfterEffects.

Faculty and staff had a genuine interest in the well-being and growth of their students. They consistently made an effort to connect with us as individuals, treated us as fellow creative makers, and worked hard to provide opportunities and engage us in the curriculum and outside of traditional classroom settings.

Christine Alexander, '11 Illustration
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