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Student Gallery

Showing off your work

Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to display their artistic coursework throughout the halls of the department. This offers them the hands-on experiences needed for the preparation and exhibition of future shows. Students are encouraged to work together to find new creative methods and gain constructive feedback from their peers. If they would like to create a show, we advise them to speak with their instructors as there is always an opportunity to exhibit work.

An annual event hosted by the Foster Gallery is the Juried Student Art Show — an exhibition open to all university students to submit artwork and earn awards. Towards the end of each semester, the Gallery also hosts B.F.A. seniors shows — a capstone requirement for earning the B.F.A. degree. Faculty and students have also worked with the community on collaborative exhibitions at other venues including the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center's Janet Carson Gallery, the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library and the Heyde Center for the Arts.

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