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Prospective students with a passion for art and design have many similar questions when it comes to their education. This page will help you find answers to some of the more basic questions. After reading this FAQ, you are welcome to contact any of our faculty or staff with additional questions.

What can I do with a degree in Art or Art History?

Students who choose Art & Design as their major are often asked by family members what they plan to do after they graduate. Our graduates use their education in a variety of fields and in many cases, their positions closely relate to their personal career interests, work values, and transferable skills. Many either continue on with graduate studies or become professional artists, designers, educators, or art therapists. A major in Art & Design prepares students for a wide array of potential careers in both Art and Art History. Each of our areas of emphases has different opportunities for their majors, which can be read about further on their informational pages. We also strongly advise taking advantage of Career Services, even as early as your freshmen year.

What is the difference between a B.A. and a B.S. degree?

There is very little difference between a B.A. or a B.S. Those who choose a B.S. degree must demonstrate math competency at a higher level instead of foreign language competency at the 102-level. While a B.S. is not advised against, it is recommended that most Art & Design students choose the B.A. degree, especially if they are planning to pursue the B.F.A.

How do I know if my transfer courses will be accredited?

UW-Eau Claire offers an electronic transfer credit guide for students who have transferred or are planning to transfer. A simple comparative course search can be run for any UW Institution or selected non-UW school. More information can be found on the Records and Registration Transfer Credit Information page.

Do I need to prepare a portfolio to be admitted to the program?

No - you are not required to have a portfolio to join Art & Design. Any portfolio requirements we have are part of the B.F.A. review, which won't happen until roughly your sophomore year.

How do I change my major?

Each department has a different process for adding or changing a major. These procedures can be found on the Records and Registration webpage under "Change My Major". If you are interested in changing your major to one in the Art & Design department, information can be found here.

How do I add an Art or Art History minor?

Fill out an Add/Change Form for the appropriate minor, following the instructions on the form. Bring it to the Art & Design office in HFA 104. A major and a minor may not be elected in the same department or program, except in the following approved combinations in Art & Design: Art major with Art History minor OR Art History major with Art minor.

Do I need a minor for Art & Design?

All students completing a standard 36-credit major are required to complete a 24-credit minor. No minor is required with a Comprehensive Major of 60 or more credits. In order to complete a 75-credit B.F.A. degree in four years, we don't typically recommend taking a minor. Please speak with your advisor if you have further questions.

Do I have to take a foreign language?

Art & Design majors completing a B.A. or B.F.A. degree must demonstrate foreign language competency. This requirement can be met in a few different ways: (1) take a placement exam to test into a foreign language at the 201-level or higher, (2) earn a C (not a C-) or better in a 102-level foreign language course, or (3) earn an S in a 102-level foreign language.

Do I have to complete Service-Learning?

All UW-Eau Claire students are required to complete 30 hours of service-learning before graduation. If you have further questions regarding this requirement, please see the Service-Learning webpage for their FAQ.

Are there online course options?

Currently, Art & Design has very few options for online courses. As technology changes and grows, our department is working to match that demand and meet the needs of our students. Most studio courses will remain in-person since art is a hands-on, visual experience that requires interaction from mentors and peers.

Are there study abroad opportunities?

While our department does not specifically offer study abroad courses, many of our students have taken art and art history courses abroad in countries such as Japan, Italy, Australia, and France. You can work with the Center for International Education to not only learn what options are available, but also to determine if a course you take may be able to count towards your degree.

Will studying abroad slow me down?

If you want to study abroad, you should start planning as early as possible. A well-prepared plan may mean you won't delay your graduation.

How do I change my major? Add a minor?

Use an Add/Change Form for the appropriate Art & Design major or minor, follow the instructions on the form, and bring it to the Art & Design Office in HFA 104.

Who is my advisor and how do I set up an appointment?

On your MyBlugold student page, there will be a box on the right titled "Advisor" - all your advisors are listed here. To set up a meeting with your Art & Design advisor, e-mail them directly with your availability.

How do I change my advisor?

If you would like to change your advisor, contact Art & Design and you will be reassigned the advisor of your choice.

What are the degree plans? Check sheets?

Degree plans outline requirements (university, GE/LE, and major) and provide sample class schedules for each emphasis. Be sure to be aware of your required catalog year.

What is the difference between a B.A., B.S., and B.F.A.?

Most Art & Design students are advised to choose the B.A. or B.F.A. degrees for foreign language competency instead of a B.S. degree, which requires higher math competency. All degrees prepare students for a career in the art field, but the B.F.A. is the most immersive studio experience and opens up the possibility of continuing in graduate studies.

What's the best way to plan my semester schedule?

Utilize the Schedule Builder, which can be accessed through your MyBlugold student page. Follow these instructions for details.

What is a PAC?

The Personal Access Code (PAC) is a two-letter code that changes every semester used to indicate a student has met with their advisor. The following students require this code: students who have completed fewer than 60 credits;students in academic difficulty, no matter how many credits they have;all College of Business students;and all new transfer students pursuing their first degree.

Can you give me permission to register for a class that is not ART or ARTH? 

The simple answer is no. Each department can only add permissions for their specific courses. This means that Art & Design can only enter permissions for ART and ARTH classes. If you request permission for a class outside our department, we will direct you to their ADA.

How do I register for an Internship/Independent Study/Directed Study?

Before registering, speak with the faculty supervisor you plan to work with. Then use the eForm and select the appropriate course type. Once you have completed it and your supervisor approves it, Records and Registration will enroll you in the course. Check your schedule on MyBlugold to confirm this.

I'm trying to register for a class and it says I need consent. What is the difference between "Instructor" and "Department" consent?

To obtain Instructor Consent , contact the instructor for permission to enroll and they will contact the department if they allow it. For Department Consent, contact Art & Design directly.

How do I add/drop a class? Withdraw?

During the first week of each semester, you can add or drop a class directly through MyBlugold. As of the second week, you can only drop classes on MyBlugold; in order to add a class, you will need to fill out a Change of Registration form with the appropriate approvals. For further information on registration changes, visit Records and Registration. 

How do I know if my transfer courses will be accredited?

UW-Eau Claire offers a guide for students who have transferred or are planning to transfer. A simple comparative course search can be run for any UW Institution or selected non-UW school. More information can be found through Transfer Credit Information.

Can I use the studios/labs outside class hours? 

Of course! Students taking ART courses will have 24-hour access to the Art & Design wing of HFA. Rooms with punch pads will have codes updated each semester and students will need to obtain the new code from their instructor. Please note that designated computer labs are NOT for personal use, but for art-related assignments. The general access lab in HFA is room 275.

Are lockers available? 

Yes - lockers are available to students taking ART courses each semester. The office keeps an assigned list, and students are responsible for providing their own locks. Sign-up and renewal details are e-mailed at the beginning and end of every semester.

Are there student work opportunities? 

We have two types of jobs available to students: Foster Gallery attendants and models for our Life Drawing classes. Art & Design students typically have priority for attendant positions, but we prefer other majors for modeling. If you are interested, opportunities are typically sent out near the end of every semester if we have positions to fill.

How do I obtain a transcript? Degree audit?

Both an unofficial transcript and degree audit can be obtained on your MyBlugold student page; select from the "Other Academic" dropdown. To request an official transcript, view Records and Registration Transcripts for further information.

What is a waiver/substitution form? 

This online form is used for two reasons: (1) to waive a class required by your degree plan and (2) to substitute one class for another required by your degree plan. It will need to be initiated by your faculty advisor.

How do I apply for graduation?

Records and Registration provides handy details. Check them out here!

Forms and paperwork for enrolled students

In addition to the downloadable degree plans and advising sheets that you can find on this page, current students can find all the paperwork needed for declaring or changing a major or minor, internships, and other internal department processes on our Blugold Insider site. There are links to Blugold Insider throughout the Art + Design and full campus websites. 

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